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The Royal Road by Charles A. Tyrrell - 1927

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Charles Alfred Tyrrell(1843–1918) was a promoter of medical devices, most notably an enema appliance. He was also author of tracts promoting the use of his device for colon cleansing as therapy for detoxification pursuant to a theory of auto-intoxication. Having called himself “Professor” and an M.D. for years, Tyrrell finally got an M.D. degree in 1900 at age 57 from the Eclectic Medical College of New York. Eclectic Medicine was primarily concerned with herbal medicine. In 1894 Tyrell wrote The Royal Road to Health, which continued through more than 260 editions, and which remains available today. This book is covered in red cloth with gold lettering. The cloth is and title are faded with a little wear along edges. The binding is solid with no loose pages. There are 163 pages. Published by Tyrrell's Hygienic Institute, Inc. - 1927.

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