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"The Martyr of Kolin" by H. O. Ward - 1901

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The Martyr of Kolin or The Bohemian Persecution is a book written by H. O. Ward about the attempts to crush the Protestant Church in Bohemia in the early 1700's. A measure of toleration was granted by Joseph II, about 1740, but there was not full religious liberty till 1848, and then the little body of Protestants, weakened by centuries of persecution, had neither schools nor churches, neither pastors nor the means of training them. For political reasons they are no longer allowed to continue as an episcopal body, so have followed the Presbyterian model in their worship. This book is covered in red cloth with black artwork and gold lettering with little wear. The binding is good. The original owner has their name on the inside cover on a presentation plate. The first blank page has some wear along the inner edge. The illustration page has come loose from the binding. There is browning on the pages due to age. There are 286 pages, an appendix page, and 32 catalog pages. Published by S.W. Partridge & Co. - (no publishing date is listed) Circa 1901

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