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"Hume Selections" Edited by Charles W. Hendel, Jr - 1927

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David Hume was born at Edinburgh, Scotland, in the year 1711, and grew to manhood at a time when British philosophers, were engaged in very active discussion of the nature of morals and religion. "Diesm" was then to the fore, the view that there is a religion natural to all men and discoverable by their reason alone. A famous theory of morals, too, was under attack, because it ignored the spontaneous sympathies of mankind and made too much of the selfish calculation of reason. This book is form "The Modern Student's Library" Philosophy Series. It is covered in red cloth with gold artwork and lettering with little fraying. There are a couple numbers written in pencil on inside cover. There are a few pages with pen underling. The binding is solid with no loose pages. There are 401 pages plus advertisements. It measures 6 3/4" x 4 1/2". Published by Charles Scribner's Sons - 1927.

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