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Eating For Health And Efficiency by R. L. Alasker, M.D. - 1929

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This book, which is part of a series of 5 books, by R. L. Alasker consists of 7 chapters : 1: The Importance Of Proper Eating, 2: Food Classification, 3: Meat Eating, 4: Cold Weather Eating And Meat Eaters, 5: The Beneficial Effects Of A Correct Diet, 6: Vegetarian Diet, 7: Cold Weather Eating For Vegetarians. He put out a series of books which were termed "Books That Teach The Alasker Way To Health and Efficiency". This book is covered in blue cloth with gold lettering. There is some minor smudging and fraying. The binding is good with no loose pages. It measures 7 1/2" 5 1/4". There are 509 pages. Published by Grant Publications, Inc. - 1929.

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